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Dr. Wendasha!

A dynamic sexuality expert who provides a fresh, shameless take on love, sex and relationships and helps women and femmes embrace their sexuality, take charge of their health, and prioritize their pleasure through shame-free and sensible sex education and coaching.


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you know that one friend that has all the good sex advice? that's me...

Through her sexuality education brand, The Sensible Sexpert, Dr. Wendasha champions honest, judgment-free, and pleasure-based conversations about sexuality that unabashedly center modern Black women and femmes. Known for her down-to-earth and relatable delivery, she slays stereotypes and misinformation surrounding female sexuality and womanhood, all while holding space for women and femmes to unapologetically live their best sexual lives.


hey doc, hey!

have a sex question? need advice or coaching?

Imagine a good friend who knows quite a bit about love, sex, and relationships and comes
through with sensible, sage advice to help you figure things out....


Well that’s me! I’m her! I’m that friend!

Go ahead and book me for your next event or workshop!
I hold space to discuss and explore sexuality-related topics without shame and judgment.

Every Sunday Dr. Wendasha tackles your most pressing and intriguing sexuality-related questions and topics. Got a question? Drop a line at

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“Dr. Hall is great in presenting and teaching human sexuality. Dr.Hall knows how to perfectly and respectfully address each topic to her students.”

Human Sexuality Student,

University of

North Carolina Greensboro

“The #1 most common feedback I received from the 2019 Sex Education Summit was the enthusiastic recommendation to have you as a plenary speaker at future events. Everyone, including my CEO, was blown away by your presentation, and simply want more.”

Jenna Wojdacz 
Planned Parenthood of

Greater Ohio

“Dr. Wendasha knows her stuff! Her presentation centered Black female sexuality and for the first time in a long time I truly saw myself, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I could relate to everything and she challenged me to unpack my shame around sex."

Kay, National Sex Ed

Conference Attendee

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